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Haze’s Higher Learning is a space founded in 2018 by Ashlee Haze as a brave space for healing, learning, and experimentation.

Mission: To make business and personal growth education accessible in non-traditional environments.

Vision: A world where social justice is achieved via love-based ethics.


Why did you create Haze’s Higher Learning?
I have been traveling the country as a touring poet for a little over 3 years. One of the things I’ve developed a passion for is teaching. People always ask “how do you do what you do? do you ever get nervous? what advice would you give to a young writer?” and I wanted a space to answer those questions and to facilitate a learning environment that’s accessible to people from all walks of life

What can people expect to learn with Haze’s Higher Learning?
I created Haze’s higher learning because I wanted a space to teach things I wish I had learned earlier in life such as how to run your own business, how to heal trauma, non-traditional lifestyles, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and most importantly- how to love.

What’s your vision for Haze’s Higher Learning?  
I envision a world where social justice is achieved via love based ethics and a world where people show up to life authentically and empowered. I want people to be free to be exactly who they are and to experience love in all facets of their lives. 

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